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It is this girl’s first lesbian bondage so her mistress thought she’d go easy on the girl. No, just kidding. This blond slave is going to get the full treatment until her pussy doesn’t know the difference between pain and pleasure! The chick is tied up with rope bondage so that her little titties are out and vulnerable. One leg is strung into the air with the lesbian bondage, making for easy access to the slave girl’s snatch. She has no idea what to expect and is breathing heavy with anticipation. The Wired Pussy Mistress knows just how to play with her sex doll by getting out a strap on toy.

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This lesbian bondage from WiredPussy.com gives a new meaning to hog tied. Instead of using ropes, the girl is bound like a pig used hooks. With her feet stuck in a stockade and her ass up in the air, a large steel hook goes right into her ass and connects to another set of hooks up her, making her look like a sexy boar. She even squeals like a pig when the electric vibrator goes up her snatch. This lesbian bondage shows just how dirty girls can get. I think this little piggy is purposely wiggling her rump to get that iron tail up her ass!

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How would you like to be strapped in with this lesbian bondage and get tortured by a bunch of femdom mistresses until you cum? This blondie has been strung up with rope bondage by all fours and is being forced into an orgasm. Her body still can’t decide whether it loves the lesbian bondage or not, but you can tell by the secretions dripping from her snatch that the submission is affecting her. The Wired Pussy Mistresses have got out a giant dildo and are shoving it right up the girl’s sticky asshole while grinding a vibrator onto her clit.

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Wired Pussy had gotten creative with their lesbian bondage again. This time, a brunette is strapped into metal clamps in a way that makes her cute behind stick right in the air. With that snatch out in the open, of course it is going to get abused! A fat electric dildo rams into the hole on a pumping system. The lesbian bondage mistress thought it was a nice touch to add a few electro shocks to the girl’s ass. While the slave girl licks her mistress’s pussy, the current goes right through her tongue and into the mistress’s clit!

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You wouldn’t believe it, but these two chicks really love each other. The redhead mistress is determined to give her honey an orgasm, even if it means tying her up with lesbian bondage. First, she ties up the chick’s hands with rope bondage and quickly gets the tied up girl completely subdued in a network of knots. Even her hair is incorporated into the lesbian bondage. The upset and scared girl is crying as the ropes dig into her skin. Just being freed from this contraption will make her have a juicy orgasm.

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