Blindfolded slave in lesbian bondage


This chick from Wired Pussy is generally considered a tough girl, but even she has met her match in this scene of lesbian bondage. Her mistress is deploying just the right amount of fear and pain combined with a surge of pleasure going up through her snatch. After the submissive girl is strung up with chains, she is blindfolded and can’t see what is happening to her body-but can feel it! Four fingers ram up her cunt while a vibrator grinds her clit. Watch how those nipples stretch in this lesbian bondage scene, the girl never knowing when the tug will come!

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Human geyser in lesbian bondage


Wired Pussy knows that it takes a lot of pain to make this much pleasure! After being retrained, electro shocked, forced into slave duties, the lesbian bondage is finally gushing to a finish. The submissive girl’s entire body has gone into shock from the abuse and an intense feeling is mixing with the pain. The blond haired mistress takes out a rotating ball massager and puts it on high speed. It is too much for the bound girl and the mistress must hold her down by the tits. Just the right amount of lesbian bondage and this slave turns into a human geyser!

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Slave fucked by an electric dildo


This chick looks so sweet, but she’s subject to inquisition in a modern witch hunt. The goal is to see how she stands up to lesbian bondage. If the blonde girl gets turned on by the electric fucking she gets from her mistress, it is sure sign of guilt. A pulley system contents her clamped nipples to her legs. If the girl tries to put her legs down, she will tweak her nips and cause the most intense pain. Her legs are getting tired up there, but she does her best not to move them, even when the lesbian bondage gets heated up with an electric vibrator.

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Misstress and slave in electrical lesbian bondage


Sometimes, the slave’s pain must be shared by the mistress during lesbian bondage. The blond bitch has been tied up with ropes and has electrodes stuck to her little titties. The current is going to go right through her body, especially in all the wet places. This means not only will the slave’s pussy be fully charged, but her moist tongue. The mistress pushes her face right onto the slave’s mouth while upping the wattage. She can feel that electricity going right from her wench and onto her cunt. This lesbian bondage gets really wet, which just makes the current flow quicker!

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Misstress fucking her slave lesbian with a strapon


It is this girl’s first lesbian bondage so her mistress thought she’d go easy on the girl. No, just kidding. This blond slave is going to get the full treatment until her pussy doesn’t know the difference between pain and pleasure! The chick is tied up with rope bondage so that her little titties are out and vulnerable. One leg is strung into the air with the lesbian bondage, making for easy access to the slave girl’s snatch. She has no idea what to expect and is breathing heavy with anticipation. The Wired Pussy Mistress knows just how to play with her sex doll by getting out a strap on toy.

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