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Wired Pussy had gotten creative with their lesbian bondage again. This time, a brunette is strapped into metal clamps in a way that makes her cute behind stick right in the air. With that snatch out in the open, of course it is going to get abused! A fat electric dildo rams into the hole on a pumping system. The lesbian bondage mistress thought it was a nice touch to add a few electro shocks to the girl’s ass. While the slave girl licks her mistress’s pussy, the current goes right through her tongue and into the mistress’s clit!

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You wouldn’t believe it, but these two chicks really love each other. The redhead mistress is determined to give her honey an orgasm, even if it means tying her up with lesbian bondage. First, she ties up the chick’s hands with rope bondage and quickly gets the tied up girl completely subdued in a network of knots. Even her hair is incorporated into the lesbian bondage. The upset and scared girl is crying as the ropes dig into her skin. Just being freed from this contraption will make her have a juicy orgasm.

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Who knows better when a girl needs lesbian bondage then her mistress? This chick has gotten the full Wired Pussy treatment with tight rope bondage that strings her legs wide open in the air. She can’t even scream because she is ball gagged. Her Mistress has come up with a fine game to play while the chick is restrained with lesbian bondage. A leather ‘target’ is placed around the sweetie’s pussy, revealing those pink lips in the leather hole. Mistress has just the horse whip to smack that juicy snatch, making the tied up girl squirm and cry.

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Not so long ago, shock therapy was used to treat naughty homosexuals. Now, Wired Pussy is employing it in lesbian bondage. Let’s see if this chick will learn her lesson about lusting for cunt. Two leather belts x-ing over her tits are enough to restrain the chick along with tied up hands above her head.

The strapped down girl has a special tongue clamp to protect her when the electric surges start running through her most sensitive places. This girl might be beyond the help of even lesbian bondage, because her snatch gets wet while the current flows through it!

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Wired Pussy has got this half Latina chick strung up in some kinky lesbian bondage. The submissive girl got naked for her girlfriend is what she thought was going to be typical girl or girl action. The lesbian bondage mistress quickly changed that impression by tying the bitch’s hands behind her back with rope bondage. A belt is strapped around the tied up girl’s waist and used to suspend her from the ceiling, but not before her nipples are clamped. With her pussy suspended should high mid-air, the mistress can easily ram a steel dildo right up that snatch.

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